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Before I started to write a blog I had to ask myself why? Is it just pure vanity or for self promotion.  Surprisingly enough I do actually have a real reason for blogging. Before I get to that, I have to admit it is partly due to sibling rivalry. You see my brother has a blog.  When we were young he was the arty one and I was the techie, so if either of us was going to end up with a blog, by rights it should have been me. My brother doesn’t just have a blog, he has a blog that people actually read, hundreds of people of day for several years have read his blog. My brother writes

www.adlierate.com which is one of the top advertising planning blogs on the planet. I don’t understand much of it, but apparently it is gospel for up and coming advertising planners.

So, apart from trying to catch up with my brother, which to be honest I have no hope of doing, why do I blog?

I come up with lots of ideas, feed me the appropriate amount of caffeine I’m an idea factory. I find that those ideas only truly develop when I start to write them down. Random thoughts are crystallized into meaningful useful ideas we I put pen to paper. For work related ideas I do this as part of my usual working day. I write ideas down in documents and emails, I distribute them, I elicit responses, I apply feedback. The ideas either develop a life or die, but they become well form. However, ideas that don’t fit well into my immediate sphere of work have nowhere to go, nowhere to develop. They get tossed around in my head and then forgotten about.

I could just write my ideas down for my own consumption. I could write them down in a private Moleskin notebook like an aspiring poet.  However, I find without the public disclosure there is no pressure to correctly develop the idea, to make coherent sense of them and the ideas fail to reach maturity.

I blog to develop ideas. Of course this raises all sorts of IPR issues which is food for a blog all in itself.


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