This week I had the privilege to attended Mediatel’s Connect TV World Summit at the Royal College of Physicians in London. I’ve attended this event for many years, though it has been some years since I had the luxury of attending all the conference. There were many newsworthy presentation and discussions at the event that have already been picked over by industry journalists. I wanted in this article to just dig into a handful of themes that emerged from the two days. It is worth noting the excellent gender mix of the presenters and in the panels at the conference.... Read more →

In this series “The Future of TV”, I will explore concepts that I believe could have a big impact on television. Concepts beyond what most people are thinking about today. People often ask me what is the “next big thing” is for television? They sometimes ask this for true insight but generally it is just as an ice breaker. As with any industry, the history of the “next big thing” is full of successes and failures. For a while the “next big thing” was thought to be 3D. Early in the hype cycle for 3D I rejected it for being... Read more →

Broadband TV News amongst others recently ran an article comparing the top 10 most illegally downloaded movies from Bit Torrent with the Top 10 streamed Netflix movies. Now I had expected the lists to be roughly the same, but it is interesting that they are not, in fact they are very different. In all the coverage of these lists no one gave any real reasons or analysis. As I’m always willing to provide an opinion I thought I would present some potential reasons for this divergence. Read more →

Thoughts on the Television User Experience

In the pay-tv industry content is still king, but this statement doesn’t mean what it use to. The pay-tv industry is largely built on content exclusivity, exclusive rights to sports, films, channels and series. But that exclusivity is being steadily eroded. Today, consumers general have a choice to get the same content from either a pay-TV service provider or from a legal or illegal internet source, and finding content on the internet is getting easier and easier. A TV service provider’s defense against this is the user experience they provide. A strong and compelling user experience can actually make over the top services a positive addition to a service provider’s services. Read more →