When I first heard the rumours about Sky Glass just before its launch in October 2021, I was really quite surprised and I have to say a bit confused. Sky was about to launch their very long-awaited and anticipated Sky Q over IP product and it was not a set-top box but a whole television. What’s more is that it wasn’t actually part of the Sky Q ecosystem. It took me a couple of days to recover, reflect and realise the strategic brilliance behind this bold move. It positioned Sky against their future competition pivoting away from the battles with their past competitors. Read more →

March is a bit late to offer up a retrospective on the previous year, but I’ve wanted to write about what I think was the most interesting TV event of 2018, for a while. For the me the most interesting event was Bodyguard. This was a BBC 1 drama starring Keeley Hawes and Ricard Madden. Keeley is currently one the UK’s best actresses and is in everything that Oliva Coleman isn’t. Richard Madden is best known for Game of Thrones where he was last seen being dispatched during the Red Wedding. The first thing to note about Bodyguard is the... Read more →